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1000+ Free Professional Lightroom Presets Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — 1000+ Free Professional Lightroom Presets

Nu hoeft u niet uren in Lightroom!
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1000+ Free Professional Lightroom Presets werd aangeboden als een giveaway op 23 juni 2020

Vandaag Giveaway of the Day
vandaag gratis
Open and read barcodes from image files.

Let op: programma-archief bevat alleen tekst bestand met de instructies voor het downloaden!
Nu hoeft u niet uren in Lightroom! Deze Collectie is opgericht om professionele en enthousiaste fotografen een mooie, unieke effect voor hun bruiloft, mode, portret en familie afbeeldingen.

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Compatible with Lightroom 6 and Creative Cloud


Eldamar Studio



4 KB

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Access Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Acrobat software.
Create, manage, copy and edit custom images.
Correct lens flaws and edit your photos.
Make collages from your photos and customize them.

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The way to get this download is laborious.
Click the download link. Use social media or Email to obtain the link.
Then you receive a .txt file.
There is a link enclosed which has to be cut and pasted into your browser.
Again they ask for your email address. The you get to finally download the product.
I have not used it yet I want to establish if they can be used in another programme. But the user should note the files received are .lrtemplate. Several websites indicate this not the format used in newer Lightroom version. The correct file extension is .xmp

Ian  –  3 months ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+15)

Providing contact sheet like .jpgs users can download if they want, would be very helpful. Each sheet is an array of thumbnail examples that show what each group of the presets do when applied to the same type image.

BobbyA  –  3 months ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+13)

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