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EaseText Text to Speech Converter 3.1.2 Giveaway
$3.95 / month

Giveaway of the day — EaseText Text to Speech Converter 3.1.2

Een intelligente TTS-generator om tekst direct naar spraak om te zetten!
$3.95 per month VERSTREKEN
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EaseText Text to Speech Converter 3.1.2 werd aangeboden als een giveaway op 19 januari 2024

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EaseText Text to Speech Converter is een veelzijdige tool voor moeiteloze tekst-naar-spraak-conversie. Het is gemakkelijk te gebruiken en werkt offline om privacy en veiligheid te garanderen. Kies uit meer dan 1300 stemmen, inclusief stemklonen voor een persoonlijk tintje. Ondersteuning voor 30 talen maakt wereldwijde toegankelijkheid mogelijk. Het is compatibel met verschillende bestandsformaten en biedt bulkconversie voor verhoogde productiviteit. Ervaar realtime verwerking en geniet van de betaalbaarheid zonder concessies te doen aan de kwaliteit.

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Windows 11/ 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ 2003; Processor: A computer with an Intel Pentium 4, higher, or equivalent processor; RAM: 2 GB of memory (RAM), 4 GB recommended; Disk: 3 GB of free hard disk space





61.7 MB

Licence details:

1 year license personal edition


$3.95 per month

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Developed by Spotify AB
Developed by NCH Software
Developed by RealNetworks, Inc.
Developed by OpenBroadcasterSoftware

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Several issues:
1) The downloaded file was obsolete and it prompted me to download another file
2) The box to enter User Name and Key was not directly paste capable and had to use the Control V to paste instead of the right mouse button (at least on Windows 11)
3) Had to select the voice every time even though I only had a single voice selected. Would recommend once a voice is selected it remains the default but gives you the option to change
4) Doesn't appear to support Word doc or docx documents

Dennis  –  4 months ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+25)

Nice program. Does what it claims and has easier access to new voices than the recent text to speech giveaway.

Big plus that only effects me is the exported wav files are true 44.1 KHz instead of 44.0 (I have a very old and very picky program I use for audio, but it only takes 44.1 KHz .wav input).

I gave it a try despite the one year license (I usually take at least half that time to get fluent with software since I don't use this sort of program with much regularity). I'll try to get "my money's worth" in the time given.

Thanks for allowing us to try it out for a year.

David Jaynes  –  4 months ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+19)

Dear GOTD users,
the registration page is working fine if you follow the simple steps.
Please make sure that you use the same browser for the archive request and key request and that your browser saves cookies. Also please request the key and don't close the previous download page in your browser during the page visit.

GOTD team

Admin  –  4 months ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (-33)

I finally got to the get-key page by uninstalling the program and downloading from the email link, then reinstalling the program. Then I was allowed to get to the get-key page.

Craig  –  4 months ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+9)

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