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WinSysClean X10 PRO 20.00.500 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — WinSysClean X10 PRO 20.00.500

Repareer Windows, Maak het register schoon en maximaliseer uw PC-prestaties met 1-Klik
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WinSysClean X10 PRO 20.00.500 werd aangeboden als een giveaway op 5 maart 2021

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  • Maximaliseer PC-prestaties

  • Met meer dan 2300 reinigings-en reparatiefuncties vermindert WinSysClean de ongewenste bestanden tot een minimum en maakt Windows minder geheugen te gebruiken, gratis meer systeembronnen en werken zonder fouten, wat resulteert in snellere PC-prestaties

  • Windows repareren en register opschonen

  • Repareer Windows-fouten door de vaststelling van registervermeldingen die wijst op onjuiste systeembestanden. WinSysClean reinigt ook het windows-register door het verwijderen van verouderde vermeldingen achtergelaten door verwijderde software die sterk verbetert de prestaties van de PC.

  • Windows Tune-up

  • WinSysClean omvatten Windows tuning functies zoals; desktop aanpassingen, systeem speciale snelkoppelingen op het bureaublad, reparatie Internet Explorer favorieten, systeem Monitor grafieken (cpu, geheugen, schijf, windows services en drivers monitor)

  • repareer Windows en repareer registerfouten

  • WinSysClean scant alle Windows-bestanden en Registerrecords op fouten, van stuurprogramma ' s tot toepassingen met behulp van complexe Windows-register analisys.
    Windows-Stuurprogrammafouten of registervermeldingen die wijzen op ontbrekende stuurprogramma ' s worden automatisch opgelost door WinSysClean.

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    Windows Server 2012/ Server 2008 R2/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10


    Ultimate Systems



    19.8 MB

    Licence details:

    Lifetime, no updates



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    Developed by Informer Technologies, Inc.
    Set up one or more virtual machines on your computer.
    Create videos and snapshots using your webcam camera.
    Heal up your system and speed up your PC with the help of 25.

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    Acces and Excel 2003 will give you problems to it want to install someting and then it will give an error.
    I think that I have to install Office 2003 with all his updates again, thank you very much

    Reageren   |   Wim B.  –  3 years ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (0)

    Office 2003 got slow and shortcuts are not working anymore.

    Reageren   |   Wim B.  –  3 years ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+1)
    Top Engelstalige reacties

    I downloaded it. copies the web site as told. pasted the registeration and it keeps coming up invalid. Retried it from the beginning and still doesn't work .Love to try this program but unable unless someone can tell me why.

    Ivan  –  3 years ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+4)

    Ultimate Systems,

    A lot of your replies are getting downvoted. I don't really understand why. Probably you don't care about stupid things like comments votes, but I just wanted to say thank you for being on here and answering questions. Often the vendor doesn't show up here and a lot of people have questions that never get answered. So I appreciate you showing up here.

    J  –  3 years ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+39)

    Another system cleaner, similar to Glary Utilities. Installed fine, ran fine, and almost no problems afterwards, except that it deleted my jump lists, even though I set the options to NOT delete jump lists.

    Because I regularly back up jump lists, this was not a big deal, but it is a bug in the program that the developers should note and that jump list users should be aware of.

    David J. Bookbinder  –  3 years ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+21)

    I use WiseCare 365 and even after running this program, cleaning all the items that WiseCare looks for, and WiseCare still found a whole lot that this program missed.

    landru caloreesian  –  3 years ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+12)

    "WiseCare still found a whole lot that this program missed."

    Any software can write anything anywhere in Windows registry, so unless you monitor every install & keep those records it's almost impossible to determine every registry entry that's safe to remove. Because of that, apps that *clean* the registry are restricted to looking for orphans -- entries that point to something else that does not exist -- and optionally lists of common problems the developer has compiled. They also exclude many types of registry entries that the developer feels can sometimes be unsafe to delete. WiseCare may just be less conservative than WinSysClean when it comes to what the dev feels is always safe. If WiseCare doesn't break your system they may be correct -- if something breaks, then obviously they're not.

    mike  –  3 years ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+9)

    1.The program is unergonomic. For example, the scan results window is divided in half - half is taken by the window with the details of errors/junk found, but they do not fit in the whole window and you have to scroll horizontally. The other half of the window is occupied by large fonts in the middle of that half of the window describing how many MBs and registry entries the program has found, as if that data could not be presented in a smaller form, and the more important, detailed data in a larger window. Maximizing the results window does not help at all.
    2. The uninstallation is a horror, it takes far too long. Idiotic message about having to restart, which according to the message will happen when you press OK. If I press Cancel (because I don't want a restart), the program aborts the uninstallation and... reinstalls itself?

    levsky  –  3 years ago  –  Vond je deze reactie nuttig? ja | nee (+9)

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